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Neck lift and neck tightening - Nymphenburger Praxis für Plastische & Ästhetische Chirurgie

Neck lift and neck tightening

Many women and men are ashamed of their necks, trying to hide them even on warm days with clothes. In thin people in particular, lines can be visible which are perceived on an otherwise slender neck, as aesthetically very displeasing.

Neck lift for double chin

Through fat deposits or loss of tissue elasticity, a double chin can form. A lack of contour of the neck and a missing jaw / neck angle are the result. A wrinkle-free neck and a clearly contoured chin contribute significantly to an attractive appearance.

Achieve a slender, well-contoured neck with a neck lift

Modern methods of neck correction, such as liposuction, anterior neck surgery, neck lift or contour correction aim to create a clear contour and thereby give the neck a natural, younger appearance. Often a combination of these methods is necessary to achieve an aesthetically excellent result.

We will be happy to advise you in a personal discussion on a neck lift in Munich. It is important to us to know your individual wishes and expectations for the operation in order to work out the appropriate method for an optimal result.

Compared to a facelift, the neck lift is a targeted procedure to shape the neck and, e.g. to eliminate a double chin.

Dr. von Spiegel is looking forward to being there for you!

General information on necklift

Surgery time: 30-60 min.
Anesthesia: local anesthesia with twilight sleep or general anesthesia
Duration of clinic stay: outpatient 6-8 hours, or inpatient 1 night at the clinic
Sociability following surgery: after 2-3 weeks
Ability to work: after 1 week
Sports: after 4-6 weeks
Pain: low
Stitch removal: after 7 days

The neck in particular is an anatomically very difficult region. Similar to the face, the neck skin is continuously exposed to harmful environmental effects, such as UV radiation. These cause aging of the skin with deep and fine wrinkles. Genetic and metabolic factors are responsible for the development of a double chin with an unattractive and unclear neckline. In the case of very thin people on the other hand, platysma muscle protrudes through the neck skin and forms defined lines.

A clear and smooth contour of the neck is perceived as youthful and aesthetically pleasing. Modern methods of neck rejuvenation are aimed at: removing excess fat, eliminating lines and through lateral or central anchoring of the platysm to achieve a clear and slender neckline.

Targeted lifting gives you a naturally rejuvenated look

Through in-depth knowledge of the structures involved and their function, we as plastic surgeons are able to achieve lasting and impressive natural results. For example, it is self-evident today that lifting is not achieved by gathering the skin, but by manipulating deeper structures, such as the platysma around the neck. As a result, an unnatural tension of the skin and thus an "operated look" can be avoided.

The aging processes on the neck also have an effect on the face. Here a neck lift alone does not lead to an aesthetically appealing result. No two faces are the same, and only through a combination of knowledge, a feel for aesthetics and skill are we able to give you back your youthful and natural look.

Neck lift through gentle liposuction

As a rule only young people have issues in the neck area only. This is usually a case of an aesthetically displeasing accumulation of fat. In these cases a single liposuction session is a gentle and very effective method to achieve a beautiful neck.

Analysis of your face and neck before a neck liftAfter a structured analysis of your face and neck, we create an individually tailored treatment plan based on our in-depth knowledge of anatomy and a variety of surgical techniques.

Different methods can and should be combined with each other. If the neck alone needs treatment, a liposuction may be sufficient to give the neck a nice contour again. Also, a combination of suction and direct access under the chin result in a stunning aesthetic improvement with long lasting results.

However with age-related changes in particular with relaxation of the skin and formation of lines, the face and other areas should not be excluded. This would lead to a discordant and unnatural appearance. Therefore, rejuvenating procedures on the neck are usually combined with corrections to the cheeks, eyelids and forehead; see tightening facelift, forehead lift, eyelid lift.

According to the plan worked out together with you, the incision and important marking points of the neck are drawn with you in a standing and lying position. If only liposuction is being carried out, this is done by small stitch incisions using the tumescent technique. In the front neck lift (Platysmaplasty), the incision is performed under the chin. From there, the platysma is exposed, partially or completely cut and a beautiful neck contour is created by means of surgical stitches. If a facelift is performed in the same session, the neck lift is achieved by a lateral displacement of the Platsyma via the Facelift access. The skin closure takes place per the anatomical layers in several areas. The surgery lasts between 30 minutes and one hour. If the surgery is being combined with a facelift, the procedure will understandably take longer.

As a rule, the operation is carried out in our Nymphenburg Clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Munich with local anesthetics and sedation (twilight sleep) and monitored by an experienced anesthetist.

Inlaid drainage as well as bandages are removed on the first day after surgery. Showering is possible again after two days. Treat yourself to rest for the first two weeks after surgery.

In the first days of the surgery the most severe swelling recedes continuously. To support the swelling, it may be necessary to wear the appropriate compression bandage. A tense feeling and numbness are normal and subside in the days to weeks that follow. A final result can be assessed three months after the operation at the earliest.

Swelling, minor bruising and numbness are normal and disappear after a while. Larger hematomas need to be surgically drained as they would degrade the esthetic outcome. Facial nerve (Ramus marginalis) injuries are rare and usually fleeting. A feeling of tightness, especially when swallowing, may also be present for a few days, but is not a cause for concern.

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