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Lip enlargement and lip correction - Nymphenburger Praxis für Plastische & Ästhetische Chirurgie

Lip enlargement and lip correction

Those lacking the professional knowledge often refer to lip correction as "lip spray". The simple enlargement of the lips is often not sufficient for an overall aesthetic impression. Beautiful lips are the epitome of sensuality. With our lips we exchange tenderness, communicate - with and without words. The lips express happiness and sadness. In short, the lips are the most sensual feature of our face.

Not all people can call beautiful, full lips their own. Thin lips in particular are considered serious, severe and hard, even harsh. Lips are perceived as beautiful when the lip red has an aesthetic flare, not too much and not too little volume. With various surgical and non-surgical measures, we can help you to have naturally beautiful lips.

Achieve a naturally beautiful mouth with lip correction

In order to achieve a beautiful, sensual mouth, a combination of methods for skin rejuvenation and volume administration (for example with fillers or autologous fat) are primarily promising. In special cases we also use surgical procedures. In lip corrections which we carry out at our Clinic in Munich, we attach great importance to the natural look.

We are happy to provide you with individual and  detailed information at a personal consultation. Once informed of your wishes and expectations, e.g. lip enlargement, we are able to plan and discuss a tailored course of action.

Dr. von Spiegel is happy to advise you!

General information on lip augmentation and lip correction

Surgery time: 30-60 min.
Anesthesia: local anesthesia with twilight sleep
Duration of clinic stay: outpatient 4-5 hours
Sociability following surgery: after about 7-10 days
Ability to work: after about 1 week
Sports: after 2-3 weeks; Contact sports after 6 weeks
Pain: low
Stitch removal after 7 days
Aftercare: cooling in the first days, sleeping with your upper body raised, take care when brushing your teeth, for more information we are at your disposal.

As a rule, only the red area under the lips is understood to be the lips. Functionally and aesthetically, however, the entire moving area around the mouth opening must be considered as one unit. This area is bordered by the nose above it and by the chin below it.

 At the sides, the nasolabial folds define the border to the cheeks. The lips lie on the incisors and canines on the inside. They gain their mobility through the orbicularis oris muscle. This muscle is very important for lip correction.

As plastic surgeons, we know the corresponding ratios of volume, length and width and are in a position to set these parameters individually in relation to each other. Only then can we help you achieve a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Lip filler treatment through injection of autologous fat / fillers/ botulinum toxin A

The skin on the face is continuously exposed to harmful influences. Sunrays and, above all, smoking cause the skin to lose elasticity and age-related radial folds form around the mouth. Moreover, the dwindling of volume is a sign of the natural aging process. The goal of aesthetic procedures on the lips is to reverse this process and make it look younger again.
In addition to the natural aging processes, there are also various hereditary factors that are perceived as aesthetically displeasing. First and foremost, these are narrow lips.

More lip volume and natural radiance

By injecting fillers or autologous fat, we can create a naturally beautiful volume in aesthetic medicine. Normally, the lip red on the lower lip shows more volume than the upper lip. If this ratio is reversed by Filler in favor of the upper lip, the result would look unnatural which is not the goal of a lip correction.

When a person smiles, the upper lip pulls up and displays the upper incisors. If more than half of the incisors are visible, this is perceived as irritating. This condition is called a gummy smile. Targeted paralysis of the responsible expressive muscles (musculus levator angulis oris) by injecting botulinum toxin A can help with this  . However, this only has a temporary effect. By selective surgical weakening of the muscle, on the other hand, we can achieve a lasting result.

Surgical Lip correction

Another apparently aesthetically displeasing feature is excessive distance between the nose and red lip border. This can only be corrected by a surgical procedure with removal of excessive skin under the nose, without noticeable scarring. Spectacular results are achieved here.

Due to genetic factors, particularly smoking and UV radiation, small radial wrinkles develop around the mouth. By removing the superficial layers of the skin by means of dermabrasion or laser, we achieve a significant improvement in the appearance of the skin. Here we also occasionally recommend the combination with a facelift to achieve the most harmonious appearance possible.

As part of your first visit to our Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery you tell us your expectations for a lip correction. We will analyze your situation in detail and work with you to develop a plan to achieve your goals. As described, only an individual approach is crowned by outstanding results. In some cases, we therefore work together with dermatologists as well as beauticians. Photographic case documentation is also carried out. If volume therapy alone is necessary, this is done during the consultation without the need for any special preparation.

However, if surgical procedures are required, they will be scheduled for another appointment.

Surgical procedures for lip correction usually take place on an outpatient basis under twilight anesthesia at our Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Nymphenburg, Munich. In addition, local anesthesia is administered. For skin rejuvenation there are a variety of applications for the removal of superficial layers of skin by means of peels, loops, or laser. In addition, medical needling is also used. Volume increase is achieved by the injection of fillers (Restylane® et al.) or autologous fat transplantation.

If the upper lip is surgically shortened, a strip of excess skin is removed under the nose and the blemish is stitched again. The scar is carefully set to a natural limit and is therefore extremely inconspicuous. The stitches are removed after one week. Again, a combination with a volume increase is often useful to achieve an aesthetically pleasing eversion of the upper lip.

The most severe swelling and bruising of the skin retreat within the first two weeks. The result can be admired immediately after the operation. However, the final result is only visible when the worst of the swelling goes down. Any stitches will be removed after one week. If skin rejuvenation measures have been carried out, they will heal over the subsequent two weeks. Redness of the skin is normal at this point and will disappear within a few weeks.

Cooling minimizes pain and swelling and is part of all facial procedures and this treatment is no exception. You should acquire several cooling elements before the procedure and keep them stocked in your freezer. These should not be placed directly on the skin. Immediately after the operation, local anesthesia may last a while and you will not notice if it is over-cooled. Wrap the cooling elements in a cloth and check the effect on an untreated area of your body.

If surgery has been performed, you will need to report to our practice the next day where any bandages will be removed. If any measures for the removal of the surface of the skin having been carried out, ointments are to be applied until they are healed and for some time afterwards.

In the first few days after surgery, it may be nice to sleep with your upper body slightly raised. Sporting activities, sauna and swimming should be avoided for four weeks.

As with all procedures, complications are possible, but generally very rare. Asymmetries triggered by an asymmetrical swelling or hematoma can occur. Swelling and hematoma of the skin are normal and regress within two to three weeks. For this period, it makes sense to suspend any social obligations. Infections are extremely rare and can be treated well by the use of antibiotics.

In case of a predisposition to herpes infections of the lips, an acute flair up can be caused by the surgery. In dermal skin rejuvenation treatments, wound healing disorders may also occur. A persistent reddening of the skin can last for over a year.     

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