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Breast correction for men - Nymphenburger Praxis für Plastische & Ästhetische Chirurgie

Breast correction for men

A breast correction for men only seems unusual at first glance. The female breast development in men can severely affect self-confidence, especially in adolescence. Gynecomastia refers to the growth of tissue in the male breast similar to a female breast. In most cases there is an enlargement of the mammary gland also applied in males. In the case of an overweight person, the enlargement of the breast can also be caused by an increase of fatty tissue.

Male appearance following breast correction

A gynecomastia helps men achieve a breast correction to a defined breast contour. As part of the surgical procedure, we remove the mammary gland and create smooth transitions. We attach great importance to avoiding unsightly scars.

We are happy to assist you at our Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Munich for a personal and detailed consultation. Through our experience with breast corrections for men, we define an individual approach for you according to your wishes.

Dr. von Spiegel is delighted to be here for you!

General information on breast correction for men

Surgery time: approx. 60-90 min.
Anesthesia: General anesthesia or local anesthesia with twilight sleep
Duration of clinic stay: outpatient 4-6 hours or inpatient 1 night in the clinic
Sociability following surgery: after 2-3 days
Ability to work: after 1 week
Sports: after 2-4 weeks
Pain: low
Stitch removal self-dissolving stitches
Compression underwear: compression vest to be worn for 3-6 weeks day and night

Although one-sided changes may occur, both breasts are usually affected. During puberty, gynecomastia may be quite natural in boys due to the change in hormone balance. Spontaneous regression can be expected in these cases.

Causes of breast formation

In adulthood, gynecomastia is often associated with weight gain or the use of certain medications. Although a variety of medications or hormonal disorders can cause gynecomastia, the cause remains unknown in most cases. Prior to any surgery, possible causes should be clarified and, if possible, eliminated.

Surgery for gynecomastia

The large pectoral muscle (pectoralis major) defines the typical appearance of the masculine breast contour. The thickness of the overlying fat layer depends on the general body fat percentage. It should, however, be distributed evenly over the entire breast and the skin should be laid smoothly over it. In gynecomastia surgery, the gland is removed and liposuction eliminates surrounding fatty tissue to prevent build-up. Any skin excess that does not recede will be removed per a lift operation.

As part of your first meeting at our Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Nymphenburg, Munich, tell us your expectations for your gynecomastia correction. We will examine your breast thoroughly. A survey on possible pre-existing conditions, medication intake and development of gynecomastia serves to exclude any possible causes for the change. In adolescents in particular, a hormonal examination should be performed by a specialist in endocrinology before surgery. If desired, we can give you a recommendation for this. Photographic documentation is also carried out. If gynecomastia is not diagnosed, or gynecomastia remains despite elimination of the possible cause, we will plan and present an individualized surgical procedure.

If excess skin is severe, it may be necessary to schedule a tightening operation with removal of the glands. In most cases, a scar-less procedure is possible and the skin excess will regress spontaneously or with the help of radiofrequency therapy.

There is no special preparation necessary on your part before the operation. As with any scheduled surgery, you should be in good health before the procedure. Intake of aspirin two weeks prior to surgery should be avoided to minimize the risk of postoperative bleeding. The consumption of alcohol and nicotine should also be reduced to a minimum.

A compression girdle should be worn for four to six weeks after surgery. You should obtain this before the operation. In our practice we have a large selection of compression underwear in stock. If required, we can also order you a matching corselet at short notice.   

Depending on the severity of the diagnosis, we carry out corrective surgery on an outpatient basis at our Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Nymphenburg, Munich, or inpatient at the highly specialized Dritter Orden Clinic. Outpatient surgery usually takes place under twilight sleep anesthesia and local anesthesia.

Larger procedures with additional skin lifting are carried out as inpatient under general anesthesia. You will be introduced to the anesthesiologist at the Dritter Orden Clinic in the days before the operation and will have an anesthetic consultation. On the day of the operation, you will be hospitalized. Before administering the anesthesia we will draw your surgical markings with you in a standing position and any final questions on your part can be clarified at this time.

A radial incision is made outward around the areola and should not be longer than 1.5-2cm. From there we will remove the gland in smaller fragments. As a result, we are able to remove a large glandular material through a minimal incision. The surrounding area is then suctioned accordingly. If excess skin needs to be removed, the incision is adjusted individually and scheduled before the surgery. To divert wound secretions, we will place drainage in the wound cavities which will be removed one to two days later. Immediately after the operation, we will wrap your ribcage with an elastic dressing. 

Moderate pain is expected during the first days after surgery. These can be well managed with cooling and oral painkillers. The most severe swelling and bruising of the skin retreat within the first two to three weeks. The result can be admired immediately after the operation. However, the final result after a reduction in the most severe swelling and irregularities can only be assessed after four to six weeks. No stitch removal is necessary as dissolvable stitches are used.

The day after the surgery, you must present at our Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Nymphenburg, Munich, where we will remove your bandages and inspect the operation area. If all is ok, we will remove the drainage and glue the stitches with Steri-Strips. Showering is possible and encouraged from this time. The Steri-Strips are left and blowdried after showering. Consistent wearing of the compression corselet following the procedure is very important as it prevents irregular accumulation of fluid in the tissue or wound cavity and promotes optimal results. You will subsequently present regularly at our office hours.

Heavy physical work should be avoided for three weeks. Sporting activities with lots of activity and upper body movement should be suspended for six weeks. Easy running and cycling is possible after two weeks with the compression corselet.

If the operation is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, complications are very rare and do not affect a long-lasting good outcome. However, there are general risks and specific complications depending on the type of procedure.

As with all surgical procedures, swelling and bruising are expected and will disappear after three to six weeks. Due to highly sterile work and intraoperative administration of antibiotics, wound infections are extremely rare. If a local wound infection develops, it can generally be completely healed by the administration of an antibiotic. Very rarely, a surgical wound cleaning must be done. In other rare cases, accumulation of wound fluid can occur which would result in repeated puncturing. By consistently wearing a compression corselet, irregular swelling, dents, or retractions are minimized. Retractions are still possible around the nipple. Scar massages and above all time, however, will see these adhesions disappear. Only very rarely are minor corrective procedures necessary. Sensory disturbances in the operating area are also considered normal and normalize within one year. Permanent nipple sensory disturbances, however, are especially possible with more severely affected patients. Gynecomastia correction procedures are generally low-complexity surgeries with a high degree of safety and satisfaction.  

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