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Upper arm lift - Nymphenburger Praxis für Plastische & Ästhetische Chirurgie

An arm lift will make your arms presentable again. Many people are reluctant to show their upper arms and refrain from wearing short-sleeved T-shirts even in summer. In the course of the aging process or due to significant weight loss, the upper arm may experience sagging skin or excess skin. Despite targeted exercises and diet changes, it is difficult to get to grips with this problem area. If the appearance of the upper arms is impaired and therefore a burden, we as plastic surgeons advise having an upper arm lift.

Achieve sporty, slim upper arms through upper arm lifting

Armlifts are a routine procedure at our Clinic in Nymphenburg, Munich. As part of the operation, we remove excess skin and adipose tissue. However, to achieve the best results for you, you need detailed planning and preparation.

We are happy to provide you with individual and detailed information on opportunities, processes and risks in a personal consultation. If we know your wishes and expectations for a correction and tightening of your upper arms, we are able to plan and discuss a procedure adapted to you.

Dr. von Spiegel is delighted to be here for you!

General information on upper arm tightening

Surgery time: approx. 60-90 min.
Anesthesia: General
Duration of clinic stay: outpatient 4-6 hours or inpatient 1 night in the clinic
Sociability following surgery: after approx. 1 week
Ability to work: after 2-3 weeks
Sports: after 6 weeks
Pain: mild to moderate
Stitch removal self-dissolving stitches
Compression underwear: to be worn for 6 weeks

At our Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Nymphenburg, Munich, we recommend an operative upper arm tightening, if on the upper arms disturbing, excess, flabby skin has formed, which does not recede even through specific exercise.

Sagging skin on the arms due to decreasing elasticity

With age and also massive weightloss, decreased elasticity of the arm fascia can occor. In some cases, the appearance of the upper arms does not match the overall aesthetic appearance of the body. In very slim women, the flabby skin under the upper arms is often very wrinkled which is extremely displeasing to the affected patient.

With an upper arm lift, we can give you a firmer, slimmer, and thus more youthful contour of the upper arm. Using combined procedures and state-of-the-art technology, we keep the scars as slight and unobtrusive as possible.

Liposuction or lifting?

In certain cases, supplemental liposuction may support the positive effect of an arm lift. During a consultation in our clinic in Munich, we can advise you individually and choose the right surgical technique for you.

At the beginning there is always a detailed consultation with us, in which we get to know you and learn which wishes and ideas you associate with the upper arm lift.

Due to our many years of experience in the field, we can effectively assess where the incision needs to be made to achieve an ideal result in the upper arm.

Aesthetic procedures never consider one region of the body alone. Only through an individual and holistic approach can we achieve excellent results. In many cases, the result of the upper arm tightening can be perfected by combining the procedure with liposuction. A coherent, aesthetic overall picture can be achieved, for example, with liposuction of the flank and back areas which adjoin the upper arms.

As part of our consultation, we are very happy to show you pictures of successful upper arm lifts, so-called before and after pictures.

In order not to unnecessarily increase the risk of postoperative bleeding, the use of aspirin should be avoided in the two weeks prior to the operation. The consumption of alcohol and nicotine should also be reduced to a minimum.

On the morning of the operation, final questions are clarified and the markings important for the incisions are drawn. The procedure usually lasts 1 to 1.5 hours and is usually performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia or twilight sleep.

After administering anesthesia, the operating area is sterilized and covered per hygiene protocol. As a prophylactic measure, you will receive a single dose of  broad-spectrum antibiotics. These measures have been proven to reduce postoperative infections. The areas are filled using the so-called tumescent technique over a incision approximately 5mm long. After sufficient time, the excess fatty tissue is suctioned. In some cases, liposuction alone may be sufficient in combination with radiofrequency treatment, and the existing skin excess will retract. In the case of pronounced excess skin however, this must be surgically removed after liposuction.

At the end of the operation, drains are inserted and the skin sutures are perfomed using self-dissolving stitches. Immediately after the operation, we will dress your arms with elastic bandages.

After the procedure, you will need to wear a compression sleeve for one month for optimal wound healing. We will provide you with a care product for the scar created during the operation. The stitches are self-dissolving and do not need to be removed.

We recommend that you allow your relatives to take care of you for two days following the upper arm lift in Munich, so that your body can recover from the exertion. You should also avoid sporting activities for a month. Direct sunlight and trips to the sauna are also to be avoided.

In the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon, the upper arm is associated with an extremely low rate of complication. As with any other surgery, there are general and specific complications related to the nature of the procedure.

In exceptional cases, rebleeding may occur, but this is very rare. Wound healing disorder is also a rare occurence after the operation.
This risk is significantly increased in heavy smokers. In rare cases only, a surgical procedure for correction is necessary.

On the other hand, sensory disturbances or a feeling of numbness on the upper arms often occur after the upper arm lift. However, this usually returns to normal.

In rare cases, after an upper arm tightening, unsightly scarring occurs, in which case the scar can be corrected once fully formed.

Even after an upper arm tightening at our Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Nymphenburg, Munich, an absolute symmetry of both upper arms is usually not achievable. Nevertheless, there is a great deal of satisfaction with the surgical result.

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