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Breast lift - Nymphenburger Praxis für Plastische & Ästhetische Chirurgie

With a breast lift, your breasts will be beautifully formed again. Hardly any other region of the body is considered in the same way as the female breast. Breasts and cleavage are adorned and decorated with jewelry. Entire areas of the fashion industry have dedicated themselves to their presentation. We are confronted form all sides with beautiful pictures that often look different from their own reality. It is quite normal that previously shapely breasts lose their shape and volume through breastfeeding, weight loss or through the course of nature.

Achieve natural radiance after a breast lift

If the suffering is too great, we can help you with a breast lift (also referred to as mastopexy) and provide you with natural and well-proportioned breasts. In our practice - depending on your findings and your anatomical requirements - the most modern methods of breast lift are used. It is always nice to hear about the increase in the quality of life female patients report after a breast lift.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about a breast lift in Munich. If we know your wishes and expectations, we will be able to plan and discuss a procedure adapted to your needs.

Dr. von Spiegel is delighted to be here for you!

General information on breast lifts

Surgery time: approx. 60-90 min.
Anesthesia: General anesthesia or local anesthesia with twilight sleep
Duration of clinic stay: outpatient 4-6 hours or inpatient 1 night at the clinic
Sociability following surgery: after 3-4 days
Ability to work: after 1 week
Sports: after 4-6 weeks
Pain: low
Stitch removal self-dissolving stitches
Compression underwear: Compression bra for 6 weeks to be worn day and night

The sagging of the female breast is referred to in the medical terms as ptosis mammae. A three-dimensional network of tissue strands drives the form of the breast. As most women know, the shape and volume of the breasts are never static, but are subject to constant fluctuation. During puberty, the female breast develops its shape and then undergoes volume fluctuations during the menstrual cycle. But during pregnancy and lactation in particular, considerable differences in size are possible.

Body weight affects breast size

Many women also notice weight fluctation especially on the breasts. These size changes are not without consequences for the inner support apparatus. The connective tissue expands as it increases in size and is then no longer able to shrink in the same way when losing volume. Sooner or later this causes the breasts to sag.

With a breast lift, we can help you to achieve firm, well-formed breasts, harmoniously matched to your body proportions. Experience has shown that this procedure significantly improves your body awareness and thus your self-esteem.

Just as no two women are the same, the breasts of a woman are never mirrored. In an interview we will ask you in detail about your wishes and expectations for the breast lift. Your breasts as well as your ribcage will be measured.

Mammoptosis is characterized by a lack of volume, especially in the breast and an excess of skin. It may be that there is a lot or a little glandular tissue. This requires a variety of possible surgical methods that can be used.

Modern methods of breast lift combine different, sometimes contradictory procedures. For example, a combination of skin reduction (tightening) and volume enlargement by means of a silicone implant may be necessary. In other cases, internal redistribution and positioning of breast tissue can produce a nice, tight breast shape. A combination with autologous fat transplants is also conceivable.

In order not to unnecessarily increase the risk of postoperative bleeding, the use of aspirin should be avoided in the two weeks prior to the operation. The consumption of alcohol and nicotine should also be reduced to a minimum.

As your plastic surgeons, we consider many different factors of your anatomy for breast lift. In order to achieve a nice and, above all, lasting result for you, a high level of experience, a feel for aesthetics and surgical skills is required.

As a rule, the operation is performed under general anesthesia, monitored by an experienced anesthetist. The duration of the surgery is 1.5 – 2 hours in experienced hands and can be carried out as both outpatient and inpatient. If you decide to undergo inpatient surgery, we will perform it at the renowned Dritter Orden Clinic in Nymphenburg, Munich.

Before the procedure, we will draw the operation markings with you in a standing position. Marking points are drawn for planning the new position of the nipples, the skin coat to be removed and any other measures. This step is crucial and we as your plastic surgeons take all the time we need to do this properly.

The day after surgery, the bandage will be changed and any drainage will be removed. A support bra will be worn for about 6 weeks to prevent the breasts from sinking again in the healing phase. You must present at the clinic at regular intervals, so that the healing process, development of the form and scarring can be assessed. Stitch removal is not necessary as we use dissovable stitches.

For four to six weeks, exercise, heavy physical work and upper body stress should be avoided. Thereafter, all activities are fully possible again.

In general, it can be said that in our experienced hands, breast lifts are low risk. As with any other surgery, there are general and specific complications due to the nature of the procedure.

A maximum symmetry should be the goal of the surgery, but a mirror image is not achievable. Swelling and bruising in the skin are normal and usually disappear within three weeks.

Since the internal wound surfaces are relatively large, rebleeding is possible but rare. It may then happen that a revision surgery is necessary.

Temporary numbness of the breasts and especially the nipples may be present for up to one year after surgery. In exceptional cases, a sensory disturbance may be permanent.

Risk factors such as smoking increase the possibility of wound healing disorders. In rare cases, a second surgery may be needed. Whether the scars develop well or poorly depends not only on avoiding unnecessary skin tension but also on individual genetic factors. We routinely recommend a local scar treatment with the application of silicone gel. Silicone patches can also  prevent severe scarring. This is another reason why it is important to present at regular intervals during our office hours.

If a silicone implant is inserted during the breast lift, it may lead to capsular contracture.

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