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Forehead lift and eyebrow lift - Nymphenburger Praxis für Plastische & Ästhetische Chirurgie

Forehead lift and eyebrow lift

Many of our patients complain that their reflection is becoming increasingly alien to them as it is no longer consistent with the perceived age. In the eyes and forehead in particular, age-related changes lead to a tired or sad facial expression. The reasons for this lie in the increasing relaxation of the tissue and in the loss of structure-promoting fat pads

Age-related changes in the face can be delayed by means of cosmetics, injections or Botox; but these conservative measures reach their limits at some point in time.
A forehead lift can reduce the aging effect and make your face look more open and youthful.

Achieve a youthful natural appearance after a forehead and eyebrow lift

Modern methods of plastic surgery correct forehead and eyebrows via a return of soft tissue structures, with the aim of achieving a natural and younger appearance. The first premise of rejuvenating facial surgery in our Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Munich, Nymphenburg, is to minimize the impact on patients and avoid unnatural tautness. At the same time, our goal is to help you look younger and to turn back the clock as it were.

We are happy to advise you in a personal discussion during our consultation hours. It is important to us to know your individual wishes and expectations for the operation in order to apply the appropriate procedure for an optimal result.

For a rejuvenation of the eye area we also recommend you review the possibility of an eyelid lift.

Dr. von Spiegel is looking forward to being there for you!

General information on forehead lift and eyebrow lift

Surgery time: 30-40 min.
Anesthesia: local anesthesia with twilight sleep or general anesthesia
Duration of clinic stay: outpatient 4-5 hours
Sociability following surgery: after 10-14 days
Ability to work: after 1-2 days depending on field of activity
Sports: after 2-6 weeks, depending on
Pain: low
Stitch removal self-dissolving stitches
Aftercare: cooling in the first days, sleeping  with your upper body raised;washing your hair on the first postoperative day;take care when combing your hair. For more information, we are at your disposal.

The face in particular is continuously exposed to harmful environmental effects. Above all, UV radiation leads to aging of the skin with deep and fine skin wrinkles. Another serious aging factor is nicotine. Finally, genetic predispositions contribute to an earlier or later aging of the face.

The skin and structural soft tissues of the face are anchored via connective tissue fibers and muscles on the facial and cranial bones. Aging processes lead to an extension and relaxation of these anchorages. This can even lead to a limitation of the field of vision, particularly on the brows. Therefore, when the eyebrows are lowered, the brow-lift muscles (frontalis muscle) are automatically activated. As a result, deep transverse wrinkles develop over the forehead. This may be a sign that a brow lift is needed to relocate structures back to their original position. Gender differences play a role here. In men, the optimal position of the eyebrows is at the level of the bony orbital margin and in women in the outer area slightly above this.

Today, as plastic surgeons, we have a profound understanding of the anatomical structures of the face and their functions. Thus, it is natural to achieve the tightening and repositioning of the soft tissues of the face through deeper structures such as the SMAS (superficial muculo-aponeurotic system). Tension in the skin is thereby avoided as is the notorious "operated look".

No two faces are alike, and only through a combination of knowledge, aesthetic feel and skill can we give you a more youthful yet natural look.

Analysis of facial structure before forehead lift and eyebrow liftDuring your first consultation, we analyze the structure of your face and create a tailor-made treatment plan based on in-depth knowledge of the anatomy and various surgical techniques. We often combine different methods: for example, drooping eyelids may be associated with sunken eyebrows, so that only a combination of raising the eyebrow and tightening the upper eyelids results in an aesthetically pleasing result.

The face always forms a complete picture with its subunits. It would be wrong to treat only one subarea, ignoring the other areas as it can lead to a discordant and unnatural face.
As a result, tightening operations on the forehead and eyebrows are usually combined with cheek and neck lifting.

In order not to unnecessarily increase the risk of postoperative bleeding, the use of aspirin or other blood thinners should be avoided in the two weeks prior to the operation. The consumption of alcohol and nicotine should also be reduced to a minimum.

According to the plan worked out with you, we will record the incision and important landmarks of the face before administering anesthesia. As a rule, the operation is performed on an outpatient basis at our Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Nymphenburg Munich under local anesthesia and sedation (twilight sleep) under the supervision of an experienced anesthetist.

Basically, there are various ways of raising the eyebrows and forehead. In the case of a high hairline, the forehead lift is done through accessing the hairline. In the case of a low hairline the cut is made within the hair-covered area. Another very effective and long-lasting option is the direct brow lifting, where the incision is made on the upper edge of the eyebrows. This cut repositions any sunken structural tissue to its original location and is stitched with dissolving stitches. Skin closure takes place according to the anatomical layers in several areas. The surgery takes between 30-40 minutes.

Inlaid drainage as well as bandages are removed on the first day after surgery. Showering is possible again after two days. You should be careful when combing and brushing your hair for the first two weeks. Treat yourself to rest for the first two weeks after surgery.

In the first days of surgery the most severe swelling recedes continuously. A tense feeling and numbness is normal and also subsides within the next few days to weeks. The final result can be assessed at least half a year after the operation.

Swelling, minor bruising and numbness are normal and disappear after a while. Larger hematomas need to be surgically drained as they would degrade the esthetic outcome. Heavy smokers may develop necrosis of the wound edges. However, this is very rare for surgery on the forehead and eyebrows. An injury to the expressive facial nerve (Ramus frontalis) is rare and usually temporary.

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