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Wrinkle treatment

The face in particular is exposed to permanent environmental influences such as sun, cold, heat, etc. This fact, as well as an age-related loss of elasticity and volume, causes more or less pronounced wrinkles. If the discrepancy between perceived age and appearance is felt to be too great, we have a range of non-surgical treatments available in aesthetic medicine to rejuvenate the skin and still look natural.

Wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid

Achieve a natural youthful visage through hyaluronic acid treatment

Wrinkle treatment with autologous fat

Achieve a naturally fresh facial expression with autologous fat transplantation.

Wrinkle treatment with botulinum toxin

Achieve a fresh, recovered facial expression with Botox® or Vistabel® therapy

Dermabrasion - Exfoliation

Achieve a fresh, youthful face with dermabrasion.

Masseter hypertrophy - chewing muscle correction

Achieve a harmonious soft face shape after treatment with botulinum toxin-A.

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