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Masseter hypertrophy - chewing muscle correction - Nymphenburger Praxis für Plastische & Ästhetische Chirurgie

Masseter hypertrophy - chewing muscle correction

Some people feel their face shape is square and angular, inharmonious compared to the overall picture of the face. The reason for this may be an enlargement of the masseter (masseter hypertrophy).

In the view from the front, the shape of the face is defined by the lower part of the fourth massus, the masseter muscle. If this is particularly pronounced, it is perceived as disturbing. We can treat an enlarged masticatory muscle well with Botox ® and control regression.

Achieve a harmonious soft face shape with botulinum toxin-A treatment

We inject the medication directly into the masseter muscle. The muscle activity is curbed and the muscle becomes smaller.

We would be happy to advise you on a treatment for masseter hypertrophy in Munich at a consultation during our office hours. It is important to us to know your individual wishes and expectations. Together, we will develop the right process for you for an optimal result.

Dr. von Spiegel is happy to advise you!

This is how masseter correction with Botox ® works

The masseter muscle is one of four masticatory muscles and lies superficially in the jaw angle. It´s shape is square, and in proportion to its size it is one of the strongest muscles in the human body. The enlargement of the chewing muscle leads to an aesthetically unfavorable angular and hard face. A specific cause of the enlargement of the masseter muscle can often not be identified and is thus referred to as "idiopathic". As a rule, there can be a symmetrical enlargement of the muscles, but it can also be significantly larger on one side than the other. The cause of this is chewing on a preferred side.

Causes of an enlarged masseter

Before treatment for muscle enlargement, other causes of swelling in this area must be excluded. Diseases of the parotid gland, the jawbone and others must be screened for. An enlargement of the mass muscle may also be associated with pain in the jaw angle. This occurs especially with nocturnal teeth grinding or frequent gum chewing.

As early as the first third of the last century, various methods of correcting masseter hypertrophy were described. First and foremost, these were surgical reductions of the muscles with access from the oral cavity. However, these methods are far too elaborate nowadays.

No more surgery necessary with Botox

The treatment of masseter hypertrophy by injection of botulinum toxin A, on the other hand, is not traumatic or invasive. Botulinum toxin A interrupts the transmission of nerve stimulus to the muscle which happens at the molecular level. The receptor for the transmission of nerve-muscle stimuli is blocked by the toxin. As the muscle cell is able to rebuild the receptor, the Botox® effect is reversible. Within about half a year, the muscle will regain its original activity. Understandably, this requires repeated use of Botox®.

Masticatory correction procedure

As part of your first meeting with us, we will interview you in detail at our practice in Nymphenburg, Munich, and examine you. Your face will be carefully analyzed and photographically documented. If therapy for masseter hypertrophy is desired, botulinum toxin A is administered in the outpatient setting. Local anesthesia is not necessary. After the usual skin disinfection, the injection takes place in the areas of the muscle where shrinkage is desired.

Small amount of pain and side effects when Botox treatment is done correctly

If the wrong technique is used, it can lead to a dryness of the mouth, uneven force distribution during chewing and pain. However, through our in-depth knowledge of the anatomy of the muscle and the surrounding structures, the use of this method by us as plastic surgeons is safe and effective. Occasionally, hematomas can occur which disappear within a short time and are harmless.

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